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Bee Tribs

From: Duluth, Minnesnowta.
Favorite Course(s): BRP, White Cedar at MDL, Woodland Greens at Highbridge Hills, Carlton DG Retreat.
Favorite Disc(s): K1 Kaxe Z, K2 Berg, GL Trident.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Wait…I’m allowed a hobby??
Something else fun about me: I write all of Michael Ramanauskas’s jokes.

Robert Nichols

From: Denver, Colorado 
Favorite Course(s): Hummel Park Nebraska, Bailey Colorado.
Favorite Disc: Pearly Gator 😉
Favorite non-DG hobby: Go Karting, poker.
Something else fun about me: Always willing to play and give lessons for no charge. If you are ever in Colorado hit me up for a round.

Brian Caudle

From: Ukiah, California
Favorite Course(s): DeLa (Santa Cruz), South Lake Mendocino (Ukiah, CA)
Favorite Disc(s): Millennium Sirius Orion LS
Favorite non-DG hobby: MTB riding
Something else fun about me: I spent 13.5 years in the military in two branches.

Michael Ramanauskas

a.k.a. Syrup Sucker, Moose Jockey, Capt Old Balls, The Canadian

From: Abbotsford BC.
Favourite Course: Raptors Knoll – Aldergrove BC.
Favourite Disc(s): K1 Kaxe, Neutron Reactor.
Favourite non-DG hobby: Art, designing disc stamps.
Something else fun about me: I am funnier than Bee Tribs.

Jake Walto

a.k.a. Walto (who has a first name anyways?)

From: Hibbing, Minnesota.
Favorite Course: Judson Mine, Buhl MN.
Favorite Discs: Lucid-X Pure, Lucid Verdict and Medium Maidens.
Favorite non-DG hobby: BBQing, I own 3 smokers and 2 grills.
Something else fun about me: My fiancé and I raise Hedgehogs as a side job.

Chris Roller

a.k.a. Roller

From: Floriduh.
Favorite Course(s): Palm Bay Regional (home). Cedar Hills and Seven Oaks in Nashville TN. Holloway Park in Lakeland FL.
Favorite Disc(s): I prefer round ones, but I throw mainly Latitude 64 and Westside. My favorite discs are the River and Pure.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Underwater basket weaving.
Something else fun about me: My sense of humor is so dark the boss man had to edit out my joke here.

Jason Cabral

a.k.a. Ogre/Shrek/Cabral

From: Ukiah, California.
Favorite Course(s): Brooktrails DGC, Condon Park, Golden Gate Park, North Lake Mendocino DGC, Whistlers Bend
Favorite Disc(s): Champion Orc, PFN Champion Monster, Berg, and Wizards.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Sitting by the ocean, thinking about how I’m literally at the edge of the world.
Something else fun about me: I have a 3 legged dog who loves to disc with me. We named him Wobbles.

Chris White

From: Santa Rosa, California.
Favorite Course(s): Highland Springs, Black Mouse, RCRC.
Favorite Disc(s): Mint Discs Freetail, -Kastaplast Kaxe z, Berg, Reko.
Favorite non-DG hobby: PC Gaming.
-Something else fun about me: I love kittens and fixing tractors!

Michael Arens

a.k.a. MMA

From: Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Favorite Course(s): The canyon in Florida and Blue Ribbon Pines in Minnesota.
Favorite disc(s) Journey, Element, Demon and SSS warlocks.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Camping and road trips in my Corvette.
Something else fun about me: The best putter on the team and I’m a baseball coach, youth pastor.

Nick Holt

a.k.a. Beard, Red

From: Coeur d Alene, Idaho.
Favorite Course(s): Caliber DGC, Farragut State Disc Golf Complex.
Favorite Disc(s): Reko, Kaxe Z, FLX Zone, Hybrid Warship, Nightstrike II, PFN Star Orc.
Favorite non-DG hobby: YHVH and hanging out with my family in free time.
Something else fun about me: I like to drink pickle juice 😋

Adam Johnson

a.k.a. Gunner Panda

From: Milwaukee area in Wisconsin.
Favorite course(s): Dretzka, Brown Deer, Silver Creek, and The Foxes.
Favorite disc(s): GL Burst Ballista Pro, Guards, Patrol, and Tridents!!!!
Favorite non-DG hobby: riding my motorcycle.
Something else fun about me: I was in the Army Reserves for 8 yrs.

Ryan McBride

a.k.a. Smooth As Butter, Tato

From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Favorite course(s): Moraine Park, Knob Hill, Bond Lake.
Favorite disc(s): K3 Berg, K1 Kaxe Z, K1 Lots.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Playing and listening to punk rock, and attending live sporting events.
Something else fun about yourself: I’m a diehard Pittsburgh sports fan and my high bowling series is 780.

Adam Rinder

a.k.a. Swoop, McConaughey (accent) 🤷‍♂️

From: Sioux Falls South Dakota, now in Goodyear Arizona.
Favourite Course(s): Watson Lake, Prescott Arizona.
Favourite Disc(s): 08 Feldberg Boss, Tiki Tern, Prodigy D1, Buzzz (ESP and crystallll), 4chain Magnets!
Favorite non-dg hobby: Masonry or just building things!
Something else fun about yourself: Love being a father/family man, and all outdoor activities!

Chad Thelin

a.k.a. Chad Thelin

From: Charlotte, North Carolina.
Favorite Course: Blackjack – Sugar Grove, NC.
Favorite Disc(s): CE Valkyries (I bag 7 of them 😉 ), Star Roc and Challenger.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Doing everything my wife wants so I get sex on the regular.
Something else fun about myself: I have broken more bones in my body than I haven’t.

Justin Blasengame

a.k.a. Squishee

From: McAlester, Oklahoma.
Favorite Course(s): Hill DGC Krebs OK, Buffalo Run DGC-McAlester OK, Griffin DGC Norman OK, Munson Park/Pecan Grove DGC Sherman/Denison TX.
Favorite Disc(s): Kastaplast-K1 Grym X, K1 Kaxe Z, K1/K2 Reko K1 Stål.
Trilogy- Hybrid Trespass, GL Ballista, Fluid Truth, Truth tooled AM Worlds Verdict, SB Judge, GL XxX, GL Trident.
Gateway- MMA Wizard.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Experimental Cannabis Baker / Connoisseur
Something else fun about me: GO CHIEFS—GO POKES
It’s never a dull moment…

Mason Maxwell

From: Milwaukee area by way of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Favorite Course(s): Sioux, BRP, Silver Creek DGC, Brown Deer.
Favorite Disc(s): Stag, Warship, Trident, Anvil.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Dyes, dumb jokes, and video games.
Something else fun about me: 1050 rated caddy.

Jasmine Scott

a.k.a. Jazz

From: Santa Rosa Ca
Favorite Course(s): Golden Gate Park, RCRC, and Brooktrails.
Favorite Disc(s): Freetail, Berg, Lots.
Favorite non-DG hobby: I love to draw, paint, and hang out with my kitties.
Something else fun about me: My entire family plays disc golf. My Dad introduced me to the sport when I was a kid but I didn’t get hooked until a couple of years ago. I have made some of my closest friends on the course.

Stuart Wiley

a.k.a. Stu

From: Fort Worth, Texas.
Favorite Course(s): Z Boaz in Fort Worth TX, Bicentennial Park in Crowley TX, The Beast in Waco TX.
Favorite Disc(s): Really digging on Mint Discs plastic lately. Have always had an affinity for 4 Point Buzzzes, and old ESP Meteors.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Bowling.
Something else fun about me: All of my time spent on this earth involves my family or frisbees. I am a happy man because of it!

Jacob Lingle

From: Hastings, MN
Favorite Course(s): Blue Ribbon Pines, Kaposia Park, Airborn Preserve.
Favorite Disc(s): D3MAX, P model S, A2, Fx2.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Going on road trips with the kids, spending time with my girlfriend Marissa and my kids; Aria and Mathias. Coaching my kids sports.
Something else fun about me: I love being a devoted father to my kids and giving them as much experiences as I’m able to.

Steve Slater

a.k.a. AC, Slatro

From: Morris, Illinois.
Favorite course(s): Maple Hill MA, Canyon Brooksville FL, Pickard IA.
Favorite disc(s): Echo Destroyer, Firebird, Thunderbird.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Sports, hanging with my family, and building stuff.
Something else fun about me: I like sweaty hugs.

Tristan Amaral-Dempsey

From: Seattle, Washington.
Favorite Course(s): SeaTac, Fort Steilacoom, Rainshadow.
Favorite Discs: Mint Discs Bullet and Alpha.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Fly fishing and fly tying.
Something else fun about me: I’m not fun.

Jerid Ludwig

a.k.a. Wolfpack

From: Prescott, Arizona.
Favorite Course: Ponderosa Park, Prescott Arizona.
Favorite Disc(s): Rask, Stål, Legacy 5 Year Cannon.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Automotive Paint/Body Work, Paddle Boarding, Kite, Boarding, Kayaking and Roller Derby.
Something else fun about yourself: One of my favorite things is to make people laugh and have fun crazy adventures around the world.

Tony Nelessen

a.k.a. Toner

From: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.
Favorite course(s): Silver creek, Silver fox 606k, Brown Deer.
Favorite disc(s): Trident, Glimmer F5,
Ballista, Ballista Pro.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Video games, hiking, working out.
Something else fun about me: I just got married and own and run a business.

William Mckendree

a.k.a. Buffalo

From: Hampton Virginia but reside in Back Bay now.
Favorite course(s): Walnut Creek Charlottesville VA, Bayville/Munden/Northwestern Virginia Beach VA.
Favorite discs: K1 Reko, K2 Kaxe, K3 Kaxe Z, K1 Falk.
Favorite non-DG hobby: Going out on the boat whether it be fishing or pleasure.
Something fun about yourself: I became a birdwatcher after meeting my wife!

Joe Carlson

a.k.a. Choe

From: Cloquet, Minnesota.
Favorite Course: Dessert.
Favorite Disc(s): The Downward Spiral
Favorite non-DG hobby: Let’s debate!
Something else fun about yourself: Challenging courses like West/Central at Cedar Creek Disc Golf that demand tight control over straight mid-ranges really make my day. Some say I don’t take direction well.

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