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The original Par Plastics Mystery Box that changed the way you think about mystery boxes!!

If you’re looking for a good deal, great products and enjoy a fun surprise, the Par Plastics Mystery Box is the perfect choice! With $100 and $200 options both including free shipping within the USA, you can’t go wrong here! These boxes can be catered a bit per order, so don’t forget to include some details in the notes if you’d like.


Feel free to add your own personal preferences in the order notes. Things like your favorite brand(s), color(s), preferred weight range, speed categories, whether you also like swag items, etc. The more information the better! Please browse the page a bit to get an idea of what brands and other options may be available.
Kastaplast is my favorite brand and I prefer bright color discs like pink and orange. I also bag some Discraft and Lat64. I like most of my discs close to 165-172g and I don’t use many distance drivers. I would prefer just plastic, no swag items.

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Par Plastics always tries to wow you with mystery packages, but keep in mind these are still a mystery!! The one guaranteed thing is that the value contained will always exceed the price of the box!
INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS– These are offered to customers anywhere in the world, but any purchases outside of the USA will have an additional shipping cost added.

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$100, $200

6 reviews for Par Plastics Mystery Boxes

  1. Alex S. (verified owner)

    AMAZING. Bee curated a super-thoughtful and incredible set for me and I could NOT have been happier.

  2. Andrew McLain (verified owner)

    Overall a good box! Got a mix of kastaplast plus they threw in a tour series aviar I asked for. Was expecting to get 7 discs to drop the price per disc by a couple dollars but only got 6 :/ It may have evened out considering two of them are worth a little more. I did get two or three I’ll probably throw every round.

  3. Shawn Wagner (verified owner)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! Best mystery box I have ever bought. Included in the description couple of models, color, brand I was into. 4 out of the 5 disc were ones I was going to buy ! Definitely worth the cost, Bee you are my Santa this year.

  4. Shane (verified owner)

    I love my mystery box, they really listened to my preferences and gave me exactly what I needed. The value I got out of this definitely exceeds the price I paid, and I would gladly purchase another mystery box in the future. If you’re looking for new discs to experiment with, or just to expand your collection, this mystery box is an excellent way to do that.

  5. Kimberly Bailey (verified owner)

    Amazing box! I was absolutely happy with every disc in my box. I did not expect to receive as many discs as I did which was a huge and exciting surprise! 100% would buy this again. Worth every penny!

  6. Joe R (verified owner)

    Best mystery boxes in the business. You are able to leave a comment for requests of what kind of stuff you want and Par will do their best to accommodate. Bee nailed my requests and I am very happy with the discs I got, and they also threw in some stickers and a patch! 5 stars!

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